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loans The work of UOKiK is to tell and take care of consumers against unfair routines. Relating to unofficial information, Santander intends to convert ill-fated loans in PLN. Coming from 2018, it truly is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce ended debts (debt collectors can no longer enforce cash from very old debt cases). See why you should be enthusiastic about it. Some businesses and individuals may well already have employed such a solution during the global financial crisis in 08. – In the structure of type of total financing approved, the main item were housing loans and business loans, with shares towards the end of Sept 2019, correspondingly 48. According with their predictions, inside the fourth 1 / 4 of 2019 the bank should certainly achieve PLN 434 mil of income. A lot of them gave actually less, which in turn according to the law is undoubtedly synonymous with generating profit. Thought Bank advised high-risk a genuine to buyers who were not really interested in financial commitment products allowing for the risk of shedding funds. Details are not but known. It can only relate to house installment loans, as the Italian administration has established. Two American investment cash were also job hopefuls for buy: Apollo and Blackstone. The job of UOKiK is to advise and take care of consumers against unfair practices. There is information that PKO BP intends to follow along with in the footsteps from the Santander commercial lender.